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Week 2 Stats

Stats (Week 2):

Weight: 11 st 3.5 lbs
Height: 5' 1''
Loss this week: 2lbs
Total Loss: 6.5 lbs
Stickers Claimed:
Pounds to loose: 17.5
Exercise done:  1hr 30 mins 


Day 4 Food Diary

I've been working today (and will be tomorrow too) so for the first time dieting isn't on my mind much today. I dutifully took lunch with me (snacks from the vending machine - or worse being given away free - being a diet downfall of mine.) The uniform didn't feel as awful as it normally does - although I wouldn't say I looked good in it. Also I was surprised at how little I felt hungry and tonight I'm still not hungry - I haven't bothered with tea - just had fruit and yogurts.

Am very tired tho - so exercise might be off the menu :)

Free Food: Muller Light, M & S Fat Free Yogurts, Banana x 2, Clementines x 4, pineapple

Breakfast: Muller Light, Banana, Clem x 2
Lunch: Cheese Sandwich (Healthy A & B) with Chutney, 2 clems
Dinner: 2 Fat Free Yogurts, Pineapple Tub
Syns: 3 (no sweetener left at work and 2 for chutney)

Exercise: 0

To anyone who is worried that I'm not eating too much/cutting down to stupid levels, I just want to say that I'm just not feeling hungry today at all...will be scoffing again tomorrow!


Day 3 Food Diary

Been good today...but haven't felt as active (thought of work tomorrow getting me down - it's no fun going when you know you will be redundant in two months). So no exercise done. I will try and get at least ten minutes though.

Free Food: Slimming World Chips, Egg, Clementines, Bananas, Muller Lights, Diet Coke

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (Healthy B), Milk (Healthy A)
Lunch: 2 Muller Lights, 2 Clementines
Dinner: Slimming World Cheesy  Eggy Chips (Cheese = Healthy A)
Syns: 0

Exercise: 0


Got up this morning and it was like a huge chunk of my stomach and side had dissapeared. I always loose around the ribs first - but over two days?!

Feeling good as you can imagine.

Day 2 Food Diary

Had a fantastic day as I had friends over for dinner!

Free Food: Peas, Mash, Carrots, Banana, Muller Lights, Diet Pepsi

Muller Light, Satsuma, Banana
Lunch: Cheese Sandwich (Wholemeal Bread is Healthy B, Cheese is Healthy A), Muller Light
Dinner: Peas, Carrots, Mashed Potato, 1/2 an eclair

Chutney (5), Butter (2), Eclair (5)

Exercise: 20 mins on bike (so far).


Day 2 Wah...

Have just taken some v. scary pics of self;

I swear to god I looked better in the mirror...will not be going to America looking like that!


Food Diary

And finally - my last post of today - food diary:

Free Food:

Muller Light, Satsuma
Lunch: Cheese Sandwich (Wholemeal Bread is Healthy B, Cheese is Healthy A), Satsuma
Dinner: Peas (Whole Tin), Carrots (Whole Tin), Muller Light

Chutney (3), Butter (2)

Exercise: 35 mins, on bike.

My Progress Sticker Chart:

Every pound lost wins me a sticker (or in this case Doctor Who avatar) posted on this page. There are 25 characters to collect!

See Stickers!Collapse )

Stats (Week 1)

Stats (Week 1):

Weight: 11 st 5.5 lbs
Height: 5' 1''
Loss this week: 4.5
Stickers Claimed: 4
Pounds to loose: 19.5
Exercise done: 15 mins 


Me (Before Pics)

Thought we'd start with some images of me to compare later on:

(On the right)