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A weightloss journal.

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A weightloss journey as I prepare for a once in a lifetime trip across Route 66.
Why are You Doing This?

It's my 21st birthday this March (12th) and because my 18th birthday was a disaster (having to visit two terminally ill people on the same day and basically being ignored) mum and dad have saved enough to send me on a coach tour of Route 66. It means so much to me because:

1. I've never been on a big holiday before.
2. I've only ever stayed in a hotel twice before.
3. I've only been outside the country twice - and only to europe.
4. I've always dreamed of going to America but never thought I would and this gives me the chance to see a huge amount of it.

So naturally, I want to loose weight for this trip. I'm realistic - I'm not expecting to look like a model in 3 and a half months (we leave 5th April) but I am target orientated. I want to reach ten stone (140 lbs) before we leave. That's 19.5 lbs.

So this journey will follow me loosing weight and hopefully leaving the country at target weight!

How Are You Going to Do This?

1. Continuing to attend Slimming World every week (and it's their scales I'll be going by).
To find out more about Slimming World go here: link

2. Increasing exercise (aiming for 3 hours a week).

3. Food/exercise diaries will be posted daily. Images of me will be posted when I have them (just moved house can't find camera!)

Can I Join In?

I'd love people to join in and aim for the same weightloss for the same day (holiday optional!).